Monday, April 18, 2005

What is a podcast?

Whilst most of us are still getting to grips with blogging, a whole new world of internet technology has been created around it. Typical you might think, so here is a very brief description of 'podcasting' and what it has to do with blogging.

Where a blog allows rapid and global sharing of written information, podcasting can deliver auditory and video information across the world wide web. Essentially this means that people can create radio, and even television programmes, in their own home and broadcast them on the internet.

The technology used is closely linked to that of I-Pods and other MP3 players, but with 'Podcast' directories being established (much like a T.V. guide), the potential impact on 'traditional' media is awesome. Because the programmes are created independently by people in their homes, there is no control over content or censorship, yet, like blogs and traditional websites, a podcast has to be found before it can be viewed.

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